Thursday, 29 September 2011

Summary of Final Testing - Functionality Aspects

This post will summarise the key issues/comments about functionality issues that came from the final testing of the full, mobile and mock-up versions of Locate. Testers were given iPads, iPhones and Android phones over a period of four days to test Locate on the devices and were asked to contribute to a Moodle discussion board as well as attending a Focus Group to discuss their findings. The Focus Groups were recorded and the results below come from those recordings. A further post regarding use of the devices in different environments will be posted separately.

Summary of Testing

The testers were asked to look at the 3 different versions of Locate (full web version, basic mobile version, and the mock-up created on the basis of the earlier testing) and to test how well they worked on various devices: iPad, iPhone and HTC (Android). Testers were asked to complete similar tasks to those completed in the earlier testing to look at functionality, usability, colour-schemes and uses of Locate in various locations.

Comments and Issues arising from Locate and Mobile Locate Testing

·         Mobile version of Locate very limited (some testers would prefer to use full version even though there are zooming/scrolling issues).

·         One tester preferred the mobile version but would like some features added (‘simpler the better’).

·         Testers were confused by having the section descriptions available on the mobile version (e.g. Books, Journals & Media, Article Search, Subject Databases etc) – these need to be hyperlinked if they are going to be available (will mobile Locate have these options available??).

·         One tester suggested having information appear only as you needed it (collapsible menus, sliding etc) so that all the information is not immediately in front of you but is still accessible.

·         Mobile version does not give enough information about availability – want to know how many copies are available – frustrated that couldn’t click on book to find information. One tester expected the Available at text to be a hyperlink – also recommended red text for not available and green for available (as already used in Locate full version).

·         One tester noticed a large white space after the end of the search bar in the mobile version which looked a bit odd – perhaps extend the search bar to reach across the page? (Would depend on whether the device is held horizontally or vertically?)

·         One tester suggested having an auto-detect function that would recognise which type of device you are using and take you to the appropriate version – however also mentioned the need to have a link between the two versions so that users can move between the two.

·         Issues around zooming in and out on various devices (maybe need to test these to get a definitive idea of which ones are working and which ones aren’t??).

·         In the mobile version the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons are stuck in the corner and are very close together – difficult to click on the right one.  

·         In the full version the ‘Editions’ link is very far off too the right and it is possible that users won’t see it all (need to check mobile version r.e. ‘Editions’ link and tester didn’t try this).

·         Functionality mentioned that would be useful:
o   Availability information (no. of copies etc)
o   Requesting a book
o   Looking at account info (and paying fines – Paypal)

·         Issues surrounding linking to other library resources e.g. EBSCO (outside of library control) are seen as library issues. Also issues around logging in to non-Shibboleth resources. (iPads easier than phone screens)

·         Issues with using mobile phones to read e-books (scrolling left-right turns pages rather than moving across the page).

LocateMe Mock-Ups

It is possible that there were some misunderstandings about the purpose of the Mock-Ups in the testing. Some testers were confused about what they were supposed to be looking for/testing. Possibly due to the time lapse between the original testing and the final testing some testers may have forgotten the issues that they deemed most important at the beginning of the project – and that these were things that we had worked on to create the mock-ups.

Some comments:

·         Suggestion to change Login to My Account (tester: “login for what?”)
·         Suggestion that there may be ‘surface target’ issues with the drop down menu (e.g. books, fines, requests etc) especially on small screens.
·         Also noted the search bar still does not go all the way to the end – suggestion to replace with magnifying glass to save horizontal space.
One tester received an error when testing the mock-up (iPhone)

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