Thursday, 30 June 2011

Project Team

Phil Brabban is Assistant Director (Public Services and Service Development) at Coventry University Lanchester Library. He has led on many projects in the areas of service enhancement and efficiency, most recently managing the implementation of a complete RFID circulation system for the Library. He is currently the Library's lead project member on University level projects to implement Smartcards and cashless trading across the campus. Phil has previously worked at Durham University as Systems Librarian overseeing the management and development of the University's Library Management system, including resource discovery tools.

Theresa Morley is a professionally qualified librarian with several years’ experience supporting Health & Life Sciences courses. As a member of the project group responsible for the implementation of Primo, she carried out the usability study which informed development of the interface as part of JISC project 12/09; she was also responsible for co-ordinating the focus group which informed the design of the home page. She has continued to play a key role in liaising between technical development staff and other stakeholders during the evolution of the product.

Kirsty Kift is a chartered librarian who has several years’ experience as the Engineering Librarian at Coventry University. She has a particular interest in student support and the use of technologies to enhance the student experience. She contributed to an internal usability study which investigated students’ use of the eLibrary and catalogue.

Paul Smith is Library Systems Manager at Coventry University Lanchester Library and has a strong record using our current portfolio of products to deliver scalable solutions to the university’s staff and students. His graphic design background has proved invaluable in previous projects with a focus on the end-user interface.

Juliet Hinrichsen is an Instructional Designer with extensive experience of technology enhanced learning and academic support. She has developed tools and resources for a wide range of learners and has research interests in design for conceptual scaffolding using principles of cognitive ergonomics. She led the successful ELTAC Benefits Realisation (BR) project on lecture capture and has had workpackage leader roles in various JISC projects including ELTAC: Enhancing Lectures Through Automated Capture (Institutional Exemplars); OCEP: Open Content Employability Project (OER); Location Independent Working (institutional innovation); Pathfinder (transition to HE); EnCoRe (DiVLE programme).

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